The Nipper has landed

When I showed you the pretty vintage radio Dave refurbished for me, I mentioned that I had purchased a little vintage RCA Nipper dog to sit atop it.

And then I waited…. and waited…. and waited….

He started his journey in Florida, and in a logical world, he would have come up the East Coast and been home in a week or so. Instead….


… he took a detour to Houston.  And instead of turning back east…. he decided to make his way to Denver. You’d think by then that he’d turn toward the rising sun, and make his way home, but nope… he kept heading west. He made it to Canada, but in Vancouver… the farthest you can be from my home and still be in the same country. Only then did he finally turn tail and head home.

This dog is already more of a world-traveler than I am! But here he is at last.


He’s not very big – just a few inches. And to be honest, I paid a stupid amount of money, for such a tiny little dog, but…


… the radio wasn’t really complete without him. Now I’m on the hunt for a tiny gramophone for him!

8 thoughts on “The Nipper has landed

  1. Shirley

    That dog is so perfect and worth his “stupid amount of money”! Apparently, someone with my sense or direction charted his journey. In my home, I would be concerned that he would become a cat toy. I have a large bowl of Scrabble tiles on the table and, the other morning, I found a Scrabble tile at the door to the laundry room. (Cats are not allowed on the table which they know and usually respect.)


  2. catladymac

    After all this traveling he arrived in one piece.

    Years ago I booked a flight from Cleveland (OH) to Phoenix (AZ). This involved changing planes in Pittsburgh (PA) -at which time I switched airlines…


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