Blocks of a feather

Fun with the Moda blockheads continues. Week 4 was an applique block… a cute little bird house with bird.

I don’t mind doing applique, but since my vintage machine only does straight stitch, it  means I have to haul out my other machine (not terrible, but I’m lazy), or I have to do it at Mom’s.

But since not everyone enjoys applique, the designers also offered up three alternate blocks. I chose this cute little pair of tweeters:


Since my colour scheme was perfect for it, I turned mine into a mated pair of robins. Maybe it might even conjure up a little spring for us…


Here’s all six blocks I have done so far. The little house was another alternate to the applique block. And the heart was one I substituted for Week 5’s block, which was the word “Love” paper-pieced. I’m not in the mood for learning paper piecing at the moment, and I think the heart is a nice stand in.

This  is shaping up to be quite the interesting project.

7 thoughts on “Blocks of a feather

  1. Shirley

    What an adorable block with the two birds! Actually, I love all your blocks and your fabrics just blend so well. That is going to be an awesome quilt!


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