First – thank you for the compliments on the poncho… I think what’s actually bugging me is the jeans… they are supposed to be “jeggings” which means ultra tight, but as you can see… they aren’t – they are wrinkly and sloppy!. Perhaps if I find the perfect pants, I’ll love it more… the quest begins!

Now, onto business…

This past weekend, Miss Pee and her boyfriend (yes… she’s old enough to have a boyfriend… I can’t really believe it either), were down this way for a concert. Since it was late when the concert ended, they spent the night at Mom’s. On the way home the next day, Mom swung by here and picked me up so she’d have some company on the long drive home from Owen Sound.

Since Mom was at the wheel, I was free to knit. I took advantage of the time to make some good headway on the Laguna socks.


It’s about three hours one way, so I got a lot done.  I finished the first sock on the way up. By the time we were headed back, I got a good start on the second, though I couldn’t knit the whole way home because I ran out of light.


Michael’s Birthday is at the end of March, so I’ve got lots of time to finish them up. But I forgot, Wren’s got a birthday coming up in March too, and I haven’t started anything for her yet.

I’m going to knit on these monogamously until they are done. Then I’ll figure out something for Wren!

9 thoughts on “Secondary

  1. Cheryl J (aka seajaes from ravelry and instagram)

    Try jeans from Rickis. They are my new favourite since I have hard time now finding Gloria Vanderbilt. Anyways the ones I bought before Christmas are magical fit. They have ample stretch and fit like a glove and feel like you are wearing yoga pants. Trust me.


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