What a doll!

Ages and ages ago, when I was planning a big full-blown wedding for Dave and I (as you know we ended up going with something much smaller), I was having a heck of a time finding wedding cake toppers that represented us properly. Finding a bride that looked somewhat like me was easy…. finding a long-haired groom…. well that was a heck of a lot trickier if I didn’t want to pay more for a topper than I paid for my dress (which was under $100…I was a very thrifty bride).

Anyway, the big wedding idea went out the window, and there was no longer a need for a topper.

Many, many moons later (sometime in late 2018), I was out on a shopping trip with neighbour Krista and I came across a Barbie doll that looked just like me!


Complete with cat-themed outfit! It was only $10 so you know I had to buy it. But as cute as she is, I was a little sad knowing I’d never find the perfect Ken/Dave to go with her.

That is until this January, when Mattel released this long-haired hunk…


Can you believe it??? I couldn’t. I had to pre-order him on Amazon, but you can bet your bottom dollar I didn’t hesitate. Sadly, his wardrobe wasn’t very Dave-like. Dave is too much of a rockstar to ever be caught in a tie-dyed tank top, and shorts…. well let’s just say in 17.5 years, I’ve seen Dave in shorts exactly once…. when I took him to Mexico a few years ago.

Now, I could have probably made him another outfit myself, but it was much easier (Barbie clothes are crazy fiddly!) to order him something off ebay. It took a few weeks, but finally, Ken/Dave is dressed for success!


No – it’s not fancy, but it’s much more suited to my guy that the original outfit.


And don’t we make the cutest couple? I just need to get some doll stands and our dopplebarbies can join our lego copies on the shelf!


6 thoughts on “What a doll!

  1. Shirley

    Those are two of the most adorable Barbie dolls and I love how you customized “Dave’s” wardrobe. Since I discovered your blog after your wedding, i went back and looked at your photos. You were a beautiful bride in a beautiful gown. Your accessories were so special and pretty.


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