FO: Park City Kitties

A friend and former coworker recently moved from the sun and sand of Long Beach, California, to the cold, craggy wilds of Park City, Utah.

Now it’s definitely a bit of climate shock – not so much for her – she’s originally from Vermont. But her girls – age four and six – have known nothing but summer (except for a few trips to Vermont to see Grandma).

And they’ve run into a problem that every child of winter knows well… lost mittens. My poor friend put a call out on Facebook to all her fellow mothers… “How do you manage mittens? They are always dirty, wet or lost!”

Now I don’t have any mom advice, but I can help her in the mitten department. If there’s one thing I know from my own childhood… you can never have too many mittens.

So… I’ve promised her and the girls a box full of mittens in time for next winter. I figure if I knit a couple pairs a month, I’ll have a nice package to send her by the end of September.

But before I get to the mittens, those girls need some Kittens!

Yep – I’m continuing my mission to dress every child of my acquaintance in a Kitty Cat Hat!

I knit both of them in acrylic, so it’s not itchy, and it’s easy wash for Mom. The pink one is knit in Lion Brand Basic Stitch. The purple one is Red Heart Soft.

It’s tradition to make these in variegated yarns. The pink one makes me think of all sorts licorice (though the official colour name is Rosewood).  The purple one is much more subtle, but still fun! I’ve got enough yarn left from each to make mittens to match.




10 thoughts on “FO: Park City Kitties

  1. My mother knit colour-coordinated hats, mittens, and scarves to our coats, and would even attach a long string that went through the coat sleeves so the mittens wouldn’t be lost.
    I recall a pink and brown ensemble, because my winter coat was reversible with those two colours. And will always remember her fitting her three-needles on my head, to make sure she had the right size!


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Those hats are adorable! You will definitely achieve favorite “aunt” status with the hats and mittens. Way back when I was a kid, mittens were attached with a long cording that allowed the mittens to hang thru each coat sleeve but never be lost.


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