Best laid plans of squirrels and deer

I was in the mood to work on something new. Luckily, my little blog circle is always good for inspiration.

Wyoming Breezes has been posting about mystery quilts lately, and one of the blocks in particular, caught my eye.

I knew that block had great potential, so I grabbed a charm pack and some coordinating fabrics and got cutting.

I put together all the four patches I needed, then decided to lay it all out so I could arrange it to best effect.


And it became clear to me that a couple of my fabrics weren’t quite up to scratch.


Those birds and flowers are just to white. They are disrupting the flow of and otherwise fabulous quilt top

Sadly, I have nothing in the stash that will work. Mom didn’t have anything either. Lens re-opened this week, but money is tight right now, so this one will have to wait until the cash is flowing a little more freely. That’s ok, I’ve got many other awesome things to work on.


11 thoughts on “Best laid plans of squirrels and deer

  1. Araignee

    I love it! I hate when you don’t have what you need in the stash. I’m there right now myself with my scrappy border. I dug through everything yesterday but nope. Nothing. I’m not going anywhere while our numbers are still going up so I’ll just have to set it aside too.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    I love what you have done but agree about the whites. Your red and black fabrics are wonderful. Will be interesting to see if you introduce another color into the mix when you source more squares. Actually, I bet that somewhere deep in your stash there is some appropriate fabric.


  3. I like that block, too, and plan to use it again. Some of the fabrics in my most recent mystery don’t have quite enough contrast, but I’m forging ahead.


  4. Maybe set them as diagonals instead of side by side? Or randomize them?
    Setting it aside to let it ‘ripen’ is probably the best, though, at least until stash enhancement can happen.
    Or you might get one of those lightning bolt inspirations that always seem to strike around 2am…


  5. I am bedeviled by Squirrels often, but then to have a Squirrel cause even more issues? That’s just not right. If you’re going to bother me, at least let me finish the project! Harumph, those Squirrels, they are nasty creatures. But then, oh so much fun!!!!


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