Be still my bleeding heart

IMG_6175It’s a long weekend here in Canada, and I’m happy to say we finally got a day of decent rain (with maybe more today!) That, and some other  (minor) issues, messed up my outdoor plans for the weekend, but I did manage to do some sewing (more on that tomorrow) AND finish up the first of the commissioned man-sock. (And we really needed that rain!)

If you’re wondering about the title, Bleeding Heart is what I named the yarn colour. Not after the flower, but because the colour reminds me of anatomical diagrams of the human heart. Kinda gross, I know, but that’s what I tend to think of when I see red and purple together.

It’s not my favourite combo, but it’s what the recipient wanted and I don’t mind it once it’s knit up. They blend a little, which eases their impact. And the colours definitely make knitting an endless man-sock more fun! Now onto the second!

10 thoughts on “Be still my bleeding heart

  1. Araignee

    We are hunkering down today for tropical storm Isasias. My darn phone and my Echo pinged all night to warn me keeping me awake. I am going to be pretty grouchy today.
    I love that colorway. Red and purple are so dramatic together.


  2. That yarn really is so beautiful. I would love a pair of socks in that colorway!! I’ve heard we could get anywhere from 2-8″ of rain from Isasias in the next day or two. We do need the rain…but not that much….


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I love that sock and am impressed that a guy requested that color. Tropical storm Isasias is passing thru today/tonight. It has been raining steadily for about two hours and forecast amounts are anywhere from 2-8″ in my area. We need the rain but not that much.


  4. That sock is knitted with love! It is oddly cold today and i have a pair of light hand knit socks on. I immediately warmed up! I don’t want to wear socks in summer, ahem
    IT IS AUGUST WISCONSIN, come on! But the warmth will return tomorrow YES~!!! and the humidity which I love


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