Botanical homicide

Something terrible has happened in my garden

Last weekend, I came home from quilting and EVERY SINGLE sunflower head was broken off and destroyed. The red ones, the poor fluffy teddy bear ones, even the big sunny yellow ones. This is all that was left…

Nobody touched the beans, tomatoes or peppers, so I don’t think it was the raccoons, or Mr. Possum. I suspect it was the squirrels… but you’d think they’d be content with their peanut feast.


There’s many more buds on the sunflowers, so I’ll have new blooms soon. Hopefully they won’t fall victim to a hungry tummy.

With death out of the way…. I bring you resurrection!

I am so stoked to see my Passionflower blooming. As you may recall, she is one of the plants that comes in for the winter. I dutifully brought her in last October, and put her by the back door where she can still get lots of light. (same spot as every year before). But by January, all her leaves had fallen off, and she was just a sad mass of dead vines.

Because I’m lazy, I didn’t toss her out and reuse the pot. And it was about March that I noticed a teeny little green sprout coming up from the main vine.

As soon as it was warm enough, I put her outside. The vine continued to grow, but I didn’t really expect to see flowers (it took three years to get flowers on her in the first place). But here she is – blooming again, with lots more to come!


…my physostegia (or false dragonhead, or obedient plant) has bloomed. She takes her time, but she’s worth it. As you can see , there are several bloom spikes on her, so she’s going to put on quite the show this year.

Speaking of shows…

….Navy Lady decided to bust our all over the place this week. As she’s right beside the driveway, I have to keep her well trimmed (Dave doesn’t want her scraping down the side of his pretty white car), but I’ve managed to neglect her a little bit, and I think she’s showing her appreciation.

8 thoughts on “Botanical homicide

  1. Araignee

    How terrible!!! I have to say the one time Dad and I planted sunflowers in his garden nothing touched them but I think we were just lucky. Most everything else was either ravaged by bugs or critters. I really don’t know how farmers do it.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Unfortunately, squirrels can be very destructive. Hope the buds on your sunflowers bloom and are enjoyed without incidence. Everything else that you showed is just beautiful and so colorful and cheerful.


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