FO: Undersea ballet

The next finished quilt is my Disappearing Nine Patch of adorable sea turtles.

I just love the movement this one has, not just with the pattern, but also all those cute turtles (and crabs) swimming and dancing about.

And how can you not loves those happy flannel sharks on the back?

What you can’t see well in the pictures, is that the whole thing has been quilted with a varigated (pastel pink, yellow, blue and green thread), just like I did on Pinkerville Parade. It add a little more magic to a cute baby quilt.

Like Bramble Patch, this one is available for sale in the shop!

8 thoughts on “FO: Undersea ballet

  1. Gosh, don’t ask me why, but this quilt made me remember an old song from a Astaire/Rogers movie!
    “I joined the Navy, to see the world!
    But what did we see…we saw the sea!
    We saw the Atlantic and the Pacific, but the Pacific isn’t terrific…
    And the Atlantic isn’t what it’s cracked up to be!”


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What a beautiful quilt! I love the design the solid blue makes in the top. This would be a perfect baby/child quilt. The flannel backing is wonderful and will be so snuggly.


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