FO: Pick-a-Pocket Purse

With the Flannel quilt completed on Saturday, I had Sunday to knock another project off my gift list.

So I give you the Pick-A-Pocket purse!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. While I love sewing quilts, I’m not a fan of sewing much else – bags included. But this pattern didn’t look too difficult.

And it wasn’t. It took a little work and finagling to get that peacock placed just right, but other than that, it went together pretty easy.

And the peacock fabric isn’t just decorative… they are actually pockets – six in total all the way around, making this a very practical bag. The bottom is squared off too, so it sits nicely when you set it down.

The only thing I added to the pattern was to sew a little top stitching line around the top to make sure the batting stayed in place when thrown in the wash.

This one is a nice size for a purse, but also a small knitting project bag. It would be easy enough to up-size it to a tote as well!

9 thoughts on “FO: Pick-a-Pocket Purse

  1. Araignee

    I love it!!! I couldn’t imagine making something like that. I don’t have the patience for fiddly stuff. I’ve made a few simple bags and some aprons but I hate doing it. And don’t even mention the masks I am making. Ugh. I have to force myself but I know it’s for a good cause. Give me straight line pieciing any day.


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