Tiny Needle Tuesday, and an unexpected FO

I know, it’s not usual for me to have a Tiny Needle Tuesday post. But you may not know, that long before I was a knitter or quilter, I was a cross-stitcher. In fact, it was my very first needle craft. I picked it up when I was about seven years old, and did it on and off until my early 20s.

Now… I haven’t been cross stitching – at least not recently. But the other weekend when I was up at Mom’s, quilting, she was cleaning out the craft closet. And she came across and old project of mine…

While it may look finished… it’s actually not. It was a from a pattern in a cross stitch magazine, circa 1993. It’s supposed to have a border around it, and the word “DUCKS” stitched across the top. Then it’s supposed to be made into a pillow. I started it when I was about 14 years old, intending to give it to my father as a Christmas gift.

But at that age, I was notorious for starting projects and never finishing them. If I remember correctly, it took me several years just to finish those ducks. Then I gave up on the border. I think I planned to make it into a pillow, but it must have gotten stuffed in a cupboard, and forgotten about. Now, about 25 years later… Mom found it again. After a good laugh, we both decided it was time that I made that darn pillow.

So, I brought it home, and a few days later, I got to it. It didn’t take very long.

The green fabric was leftover from the Pick-a-Pocket purse. And what do you think about that oar fabric? Could it be more perfect? It was just hanging out in the stash. I bought it eons ago with no plans (another remnant bin find).

I did another envelope back, though you can’t really tell because that oar fabric camouflages it pretty well. This is going to get wrapped up this Christmas for Dad, along with his other present (which I will show you tomorrow). I hope he gets as big a laugh out of it as Mom and I did.

11 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday, and an unexpected FO

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That pillow is awesome! It looks perfect with no “duck” border. The oar fabric and colors just enhances the ducks. What a great gift and funny story.


  2. Love it!! Cross stitch was my first needle-craft, too. And I just found an old project myself, but I don’t think I’m nearly as close to finishing it as you are, so I shall enjoy this vicariously 🙂


  3. Mom

    It’s perfect. Glad to see it finally finished. If I remember correctly you gave it to me to finish for you and I never got around to it. lol He’s going to love it.


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