FO: Dave’s Christmas socks

It’s another week of FOs here at Chez Wandering Cat…. so buckle up!

As predicted, the rest of Dave’s pair of Christmas socks fell off the needle pretty quick.

Here’s a funny fact – Dave wears mostly black (and occasionally very dark grey), except when it comes to his socks. For some reason, he loves colourful socks. I’m definitely not complaining – I wouldn’t knit him nearly as many pairs if they had to be all black and grey.

These were a fun pair, but they are nothing fancy. I just let the yarn do the work. I didn’t even use a different yarn for heels and toes as I normally do with stripers. Last post, many of you asked about the yarn – it is Kroy. And you’re all correct – it wears wonderfully. Dave has many pairs of Kroy socks (mostly made by Mom on her sock machine) for just that reason!

And now, I’ve got to get back to Paisley’s cardigan, though I have to cast on another pair of socks. I hate not having a pair ready for travel knitting.

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