FO: Winters Frost

Just in time for a serious dip in the temperature, I finished my Winters Frost socks.

They are an “Almost Vanilla” sock with just a touch of pattern down one side. It’s a style I’m coming to love more and more. They fly almost as fast as vanillas, but have just enough pattern to keep them interesting. In this case, it’s a little bit of vine lace, which is just so elegant.

The yarn is Paton Kroy FX, colour is Seashell colours. It’s much nicer in person, with shades just like Mother of Pearl – pink, purple, grey, blue and cream. Kroy isn’t the softest sock yarn, but it washes up nicely, and wears well. My only complaint is that the yardage on them seems to have gotten lighter. I had enough to finish this pair, but I have small feet (size 7), and the leg is only five inches long. Were I making a longer pair for one of my friends with bigger feet, I probably would have run out. Mom said she’s found the same thing with the last few Kroy pairs she’s made. If she’s making men’s socks, she always buys three balls now.

Still, they are warm, and pretty, and I’m thrilled to have them done – so I can start something new!

11 thoughts on “FO: Winters Frost

  1. Araignee

    So pretty! It’s wool sock weather here this week too. It looks like winter finally showed up. We even have a bit of snow on the ground this morning.


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