Standard socks

With the Winters Frost socks off the needles (thank you for all the lovely comments – the day I posted we got hammered with snow, so I finished them just in time!), I had nothing else on the needles. At all!

That just won’t do. And with Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away, I really should be motoring on a pair of socks for Dave. It’s pretty standard that I give Dave a pair of socks for V-day (and some jelly beans and jujubes). So now….

… that’s just what I’m doing. The pattern is Walking with Emma. It’s a nice, unisex, cabled sock pattern with four different variations in the pattern. I’m doing variation C. The yarn is some Alley Cat BFL I dyed up in man colours for Dave a while ago (last year I think, but it might have been the year before). AS you can see it’s a lovely mix of blues. I worried it might be a touch too busy for the cables. I tried it on his Petty Harbour socks last year, and it was definitely too much for them.

But it’s not too bad here. And those cables will pop even more when stretched out on his leg and foot. Now I’ve got about 18 days to finish them. It will be tight, but I’m pretty sure I can do it!

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