Friday felines

“Mom…. Dad stole my nap spot. Make him get out of the bed. I don’t want to share!!!”

Here’s the back story. I’ve mentioned before that Rupert is a cat of routine. And he doesn’t like his routine broken. A general day goes like this:

While he always sleeps with us, around sunrise he abandons the bed to watch the birds until Dave gets up to feed the other cats. He doesn’t always eat, but he makes sure to get in the way of feeding as much as possible. Then he runs to the couch, and rolls and flops while Dave has his coffee and pets him.

After his petting session, he comes back upstairs where I am usually still sleeping (I am not an early riser). He usually sits on the end of the bed and waits for me to get up, so he can steal the warm spot. If I’m not out of bed by 9:30, he’ll start pacing and yelling at me to get up – he wants that warm spot! On occasion, he’ll give up and snuggle up on me (almost as good as the warm spot, but he’d rather not share).

Once I’m out of bed, and he’s curled up in the warm spot, he doesn’t budge. He’ll spend the ENTIRE day in bed. Sometimes he’ll come down around dinner time, but most times we don’t see him until after 9 p.m. Then we have to have cat nip, play with the laser light, harass Relic, and just generally be a pain until it’s time for Dave and I to go to bed. Then the whole thing starts all over again.

So it’s very rare to see Rupert in daylight… except when Dave decides to take an afternoon nap. Then I’m subjected to looks from Rupert, as above.

Because apparently a 6lb kitty can’t share a queen-sized bed….

7 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. He really shows how tiny he is in this photo. What a cutie.

    Giroux is a cat of schedule too. Certain things MUST happen at certain times or we get the LOOK and a sharp, short meow.


  2. 6 lbs! He is such a tiny baby. He is so cute. We’ve never had a cat that cared much about schedules, but my MIL’s cat sure was. He let her know when it was time to eat, take a nap, watch the new, (yes, he watched it with her), and go to bed. And those were just some of his demands. I love these furbabies. They are SO smart.


  3. Araignee

    He is so much like my daughter’s mini kitty. She has the exact same habits which is why I love kitty sitting for her. She’s like an invisible kitty-except when she is hungry then look out. She won’t eat with the other kitties either. No sharing for her.


  4. Wow .. I love the routine of routines I miss the whole a.m. t hing because, I like Rupert, love the night. Radar used to sleep on my head and I didnt mind one bit. HE was such a cooldeaf cat. My current furries, are trying to figure out a new toy. Fezziks birthday is 2/9 He will be 6 and I’m sick about it. THe fun thing is he never grew up. He’s as goofy and busy as they come!


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