Ain’t that just the cat’s ass

A few weeks back, a friend on Facebook sent me this picture.

Cats? Plants? You know I just HAD to have it. I immediately started scouring the interwebs to find where I could buy them. Good ol’ Amazon came to the rescue.

They arrived the other day in the most hilarious box.

(Don’t tell kitty he’s in the slightly less mysterious and less passionate Canada). I decided they looked better without the scarves (which are removable), and I didn’t have any cool tail-like cacti to plant in them, but I did have some Sansevieria Cylindrica (Cylindrical Snake plant) that would work just as well.

Ahahahah – they crack me up every time I look at them.

8 thoughts on “Ain’t that just the cat’s ass

  1. Araignee

    They are just too funny! They remind me of that thread on Renaissance cats on Twitter where the author shows us the craziest cat paintings. It seems like no one had ever seen an anatomically correct cat before. I love it when it pops up on my timeline. It makes me laugh every time.


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