FO: A walk with Emma

Happy Monday following Valentine’s! It also happens to be a holiday here (Family Day), so it’s a nice, lazy way to cap off a cold, snowy weekend. I’ll probably do some sewing today, but in the meantime, I figured I better show off Dave’s finished socks.

The pattern is Walking with Emma, and it’s a great unisex sock with multiple options. The yarn is Alley Cat BFL I dyed up in “man colours” just for Dave. It’s a nice denim blue with a whole range of shades.

It does obscure the cables a touch, but they do show up better once stretched out on a foot.

And now that these are off the needles, I’ve cast on again…. for ANOTHER pair of socks. But I promise, these ones are more fun and will just fly off the needles. Details in a couple of days.

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