Zig zag zebras

After we sold that pile of quilts last year, I invested some of the profits back into more fabric – specially stuff for baby/kids blankets. One of those purchases was a cute little fat quarter pack of some adorable zebras.

I also bought a bolt of solid black fabric, so I knew just what to do. It involved making A LOT of HSTs…

With chain piecing, and my handy-dandy HST trimming tool, they went pretty quick. Then it was just a matter of laying them out,and sewing them up. And that took no time at all!

What a fun little quilt this turned out to be! And of course, I’ve got the perfect backing for it too…

It’s not flannel, but it’s too perfect to pass up.

Oh, Burton want you to know, he’s black and white like a zebra too! Just fluffier… so that makes him EXTRA special!

8 thoughts on “Zig zag zebras

  1. Araignee

    I have a zig zag quilt kit that has been on my shelf for years. I keep telling myself its time has come but it’s still sitting there. I do love a good zig zag and yours is spectacular!


  2. Shirley Elliott

    You really purchased some wonderful fabrics. The quilt is just beautiful! The backing could not be more perfect. Looking forward to seeing it after quilting.


  3. jatshaw

    That Burton has good taste! He sure blends in on your project! Wow, you had an amazing amount of snow. Ours is slowly melting, and we even got a walk in today.


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