Hamburglar hijinx

As mentioned on Monday, with Dave’s socks done, I cast on for a new pair. My Sister-in-Law’s birthday is mid-March, so I wanted to get something done and ready to be mailed by the first week of March.

You may recall, I bought a pile of Knit Picks Felici last year, intending to make socks for my brother’s whole family for Christmas. That didn’t happen (I ended up making lots of other things, so it was all good). But I figured I might as well use the yarn to make their Birthday Presents THIS year.

This colourway is called Hamburger. And I don’t know why… as soon as I saw it, it made me think of my SIL. I think these will give her a real giggle. The red/brown at the top is Alley Cat, whichI’m going to use for heels and toes… it seemed to work well with the tone of the other colours, so I’m running with it.

Although there’s nothing wrong with a plain striped sock, I wanted something that would keep my interest more, so I’m knitting my The Socks are Lava pattern. I like the way they make the stripe dip.

I’m actually further along than the picture shows. That’s just what I knit up in the first night. The pattern, combined with the stripes make this pair so much fun. And the yarn feels great too… Every time I knit with Felici, I want to go out and buy a pile more!

But, I shall resist!….


12 thoughts on “Hamburglar hijinx

  1. Just realized you know WHY it is hamburger ….you don’t know why it made you think of your SIL!

    Sheesh! :::facepalm::: I’m blaming it on me being up way too early.

    In any case …..great yarn, great pattern! Happy knitting!


  2. What a funny name for a color, but it fits!! And that is such a great pattern Val. I’ve ordered plenty from KnitPicks, but have never knit with Felici…I’m thinking I may need to order some to try it out!


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