It’s getting hairy around here

One thing I’ve been trying to do the last few years is knit from the stash, and only the stash (with the exception of socks, because sometimes you just NEED self-striping sock yarn).

I’ve never been much for knitting with lace-weight. While I love the feel of the finished object, I just don’t enjoy the feeling of the knitting. As such, I don’t have a lot of lace-weight yarn in the stash. But there is some. Including a few ball of these

The Kidsilk Haze (colour is Meadow) was bought for a particular shawl. But once I started knitting it – I HATED the pattern. I ended up wasting a whole ball of it (because mohair doesn’t frog well) and the rest go relegated to the dark recesses of the stash. The Crystal Palace Kid Merino was bought on a whim – it was on sale, and I liked the colours. I think my intention was to mix it with a fingering weight something… but then I remembered I hate knitting with two yarns at once. Into the back of the stash it went.

But the other day, I was rooting around in there for something (I don’t even remember what now), and they came to my hand. And I thought… I’ve always wanted a fuzzy lace-weight wrap. Why not now?

So I cast on.

Nothing fancy… just a whole lot stitches and some feather and fan, alternating yarns every two rows. I’m not loving the knitting (It’s like knitting with fuzzy sewing thread)… but the fabric is creates really is quite nice.

That said, this is definitely going to be a long-term project. I’m making the commitment to knit a minimum of four rows on it each day. Slow but steady… and one day…one day I will finally have a lace-weight wrap.

That is…

… if Burton doesn’t claim it first.

8 thoughts on “It’s getting hairy around here

  1. Uh-oh! I think it’s too late. It looks like Burton has already decided it’s his. I’ve never knitted with lace weight but have thought about it several times. My intention was always to knit it with a fingering weight yarn but I really like how your fabric looks using one strand. Hmmmm. I guess I’ll do more thinking! 🙂


  2. That will be so pretty Val. I can’t wait to see the finished piece. I have a bit of lace weight yarn in my stash and I’ve been toying with various ideas….noting committed to yet!!


  3. Araignee

    That is so pretty! I haven’t done any lace in ages. I started a scarf a while back but frogged it. I don’t think my brain can do lace right now but I sure do miss that rush you get when you block it.


  4. That is going to be stunning.

    I had bought some lace weight a couple of years ago to make a cowl. It never happened. I also realized it wasn’t the type of thing I would ever wear. I love the look on others. Not so much on me.

    So, late last week it got donated to the Little Free Fiber Box at one of my local yarn stores.


  5. That looks great on Burton, or Burton looks great on it! I knit a Love Note sweater with a laceweight mohair carry along, and it wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. The fingering and laceweight both came out of stash; they were goody bag treats from a couple fiber retreats. I’m glad they finally found a purpose! Looks like yours has, too.


  6. Shirley Elliott

    What beautiful yarn and it looks even more beautiful in your project. That is going to be an awesome wrap. A little cat hair knitted in will only enhance the appearance.


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