Spring fling

I’ve been trying very hard not to spend any money I don’t need to. And for the most part, I’ve been succeeding. But a few weeks ago, I decided I really NEEDED a new cutting mat. Mine was a birthday gift from Mom at least four or five years ago. And it’s been through a lot of quilts since then. To say it was worn out was an understatement.

I really wanted and OLFA mat, because I’ve read really good things with them (i.e. cutting blades last longer), and Missouri Star Quilts had the best price on the size I needed. But that means I have to order other things to make the most of the flat rate shipping fee!

I decided a treat for myself was in order

Fabric to make myself a cheerful springy summer quilt. What you can’t see in that picture is that those fat quarter bundles….

Have GNOMES!!!!! I have some fabric set aside for a winter gnome quilt…. but I decided I had to have a spring/summer one too! I bought an extra yard of the flower & bug fabrics (bottom left and bottom middle) to give me more options. I learned with my second Blockhead quilt that it’s nice to have one or two fabrics from the line in larger amounts for borders or things like chain blocks.

The yellow splatter fabric is not part of the gnome line, but it was a two-yard cut, and on sale – I thought it would make a nice background fabric. The charm pack was just an extra I threw on because it was on sale. It will most likely end up as a baby quilt.

I’m not starting this project right away, because I’m waiting to see if I can get just one more thing for this gnome quilt.

This gnome panel is from the same line. It’s currently out of stock, but… if they get it in within a month or two, I may snap it up. It is pretty darn cute!

And remember the other week when I mentioned the lure of Felici…. Well. I caved.

I was having so much fun with burger socks, I decided to see if they had any colours on sale. They did, but only one really grabbed my fancy….

Dragonboat! And while it was nice, it was only $1 cheaper than regular price.. and not enough to make me pull the trigger. But then I saw…

GOTH KITTY!!!!! It wasn’t on sale. But it was low stock. With a name and colours like that I just HAD to HAVE it before it sold out. This one is definitely socks for ME, ME, ME!!!!

And then of course… I had to fill the cart so I could get free shipping…

Aquarium, Rainbow, and Punch Bug came along for the ride. Aquarium will likely be birthday socks for Dave. Punch Bug will be Paisley’s birthday socks. And the rainbow… undecided… but you can NEVER have enough rainbow yarn.

And then…

A skein of Static came along for the ride. This is the Bee Keeper colourway. I’ve been wanting to try this yarn for a while. I got a nice manly shade since that’s what my stash lacks the most.

And with that out of my system… time to go back to my penny-pinching ways!


Yesterday, Mom surprised me with a fat quarter bundle I’ve had on my wishlist for a while!

Barbie!!!!! I’m so excited! There’s a panel that goes with these fabrics too, so I may just snag it when I order those gnomes!

I’m going to have so much fun!

9 thoughts on “Spring fling

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What spectacular treats! I absolutely love that yellow splatter fabric. It will be fun to see how you utilize all this beautiful fabric.


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