Round Robin – Round 7

We’ve reached the last week of the Round Robin 7, and the prompt for the final week was pinwheels! I love making pinwheels, so I was thrilled. I was a little less thrilled when I had to decide how to combine them with the log cabins from the week before.

After a little pondering, the idea came to me. After some quick, not overly-precise calculations, I figured I had enough material left to make 8″ cabins and pinwheels and combine the two into another full border, all the way around. This would make my quilt about 82″ square, but I like making big quilts.

I got to work on the log cabins first.

Up until now, I’ve only made cabins with 2.5 inch strips. But to get a nice variety of fabrics in an 8″ block, I needed to go smaller. These ones are 1.5 inch (with a 2.5″ centre door). I made 20 in total.

Then I got to making pinwheels, in two sizes.

Eight inch and six inch. Then I assembled those pinwheels into four units.

One for each side.

And it’s there that I had to stop. My not-so-precise calculations didn’t factor in my background fabric. I had enough to finish my blocks, but not quite enough to finish the borders. It’s not a problem though – I have lots more, it’s just on a bolt that lives at Mom’s. I’ll pop up there this weekend and grab a couple more yards.

In the meantime, the quilt is too big to layout and let you see the whole thing… but this should give you an idea of where I’m heading with these blocks.

That gap between the pinwheels and cabins will be filled with plain cream fabric. And the border will repeat all the way around with pinwheels in the centre and cabins hugging the corners.

And once that’s done, this baby will be ready to quilt! Hurrah!

8 thoughts on “Round Robin – Round 7

  1. Oh, I’m loving this quilt. The pinwheels and the log cabins look so great together. Who would have thought? I love all of the different types of blocks and the colors are some of my all time favorites.
    Is Burton is playing “maitre ‘d” at Squirrelington’s?


  2. Araignee

    You sure have the knack for figuring out difficult placements. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. I love everything about it.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What a great idea! The way you are doing the pinwheels and log cabins add so much interest to that border and the entire quilt. It’s going to be awesome.


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