The tease

It’s that time of year again. That time when mother nature does crazy stuff just to mess with us.

Case in point:

  • Tuesday… Minus 9 degrees C, with bloody freezing wind making it feel like minus 15!
  • Wednesday… Balmy 11 degrees C, with beautiful sun and snow melting everywhere.
  • Thursday… SCREW YOU GARDENERS!!!! It’s back to freezing again, oh and here’s some more flurries!!!

Sigh… but ’tis the season. I know better than to get excited. We don’t see real spring until at least mid-April here. We don’t see actual blooms on flowers until the very end of April, (unless you’re a lucky gardener who can get snow drops to bloom… I’m am not said gardener).

But still, you know only that beautiful Wednesday, I was out poking around in the gardens to see what I could see. Mostly I could see that I have a literal crap tonne of peanut shells to clean up (thanks Squirrelington’s!). But, there was a little green here and there.

Clockwise from top left: Daffodil, Oriental Poppies, Iris, Sedum, and Tulips.

It’s not much, and as I said, we still have weeks to go until the real fun begins. But right now, this promise of things to come is enough!

Bonus pic…

I’m not the only one excited about the promise of spring!

7 thoughts on “The tease

  1. Two beautiful babies. I know what you mean about the promise of spring. We feel the same here. We’re always told not to plant anything outside in pots or in the ground until after Mother’s Day. I’ve ignored that before when we had beautiful weather and had to replant everything. 🙂


  2. Araignee

    Same here. I hate March cold. It seems so cruel. We get a nice day and now a week of misery. All that wasted sunshine all because of that blasted cold wind.


  3. That shot of the kitties is awesome! The lighting is very good. I’d consider making it a paint by number . I love it.

    Yes, we know Spring buds are still churning undertake Earth. I’ll show you a photo taken by Fireman’s drone last night . You will see what one called, “a river of SNOW’ still stretching out across the farm field near our house!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Daffodils are blooming here. Each morning on my walk, I notice more buds have opened. The last photo is just awesome. Burton is so fluffy.


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