All clucked up!

Saturday was eaten up by errands and there was no time to sew. So you can bet your bottom dollar I was devoting Sunday to my little black machine. I really wanted to complete at least one top on the weekend, and since my lovely chickens have been sew patient, I decided they would be the big winner (but not winner, winner, chicken dinner). They just needed their nesting boxes (sashing) and a border, so it really only took a couple of hours.

That’s sixteen cluckers all snug and happy in their homes. And as you can see, I had a nice chicken-themed fabric for the outside border too.

This was such a fun one to put together. I really love that chicken block, and it was a great use for my “Hen Pals” layer cake. The whole thing finished up at about 68″ square.

As I mentioned before, I bought enough of the chicken wire fabric for the back. And I felt it really needed something red for the binding.

There wasn’t a lot of red in the stash to choose from. But there was just enough of the border fabric leftover from Shave and a Haircut. I think it will bring out the red and golds in the chicken blocks nicely.

So this one is ready for quilting this weekend. Look for an FO post sometime next week!

“Yay Mom! We did it! We put those cluckers in their place!!!”

8 thoughts on “All clucked up!

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a neat quilt that will be! Your fabrics are just perfect. You have such a great eye for color and coordination. Looking forward to seeing it quilted.


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