Gnome at home

Continuing to take advantage of the beautiful weather, the other afternoon I decided that G’Nomeo was in desperate need of a refresh. (You can read about how G’Nomeo joined our family here.)

I should have given him one last year, so now he was in desperate need of attention.

You can see how faded the poor chap was. I set up on the back table with my paints and my brushes. Relic and Burton took up appropriate snoopervisor positions…

…and I got to work. It didn’t take long. He needed a couple of coats, but the sun was warm and dried him pretty quick. In under two hours, he was back at home in the garden under the butterfly bush.

Once things green up around him, he’ll look right at home!

8 thoughts on “Gnome at home

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a remarkable transformation and what wonderful company you had while you were working. Burton looks like he loves to soak up the sun.


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