On the quad

My HST Leader/Ender project has been languishing since I finished the last of the 256 HSTs needed for it. To be honest, I’ve been dreading working on it. That’s a lot of HSTs that needed to be arranged and sewn together. It seemed like a HUGE task.

To make it a little easier, I decided to sort the HSTs and break the quilt down into quadrants.

I took an afternoon to lay the first quadrant out.

Normally I would clear the whole bed off to use it, but look closely in the upper left-hand corner of that picture.

I obviously couldn’t disturb Rupert’s beauty sleep. So I quietly worked around him. After an hour or so…

One quarter of the quilt top was done! Only three more quarters to go! That wasn’t so daunting after all.

Right Rupert?

12 thoughts on “On the quad

  1. Working with a quadrant is a good idea, especially with so many seams. The layout looks great.

    Rupert has the right idea – napping in a blanket cave looks inviting.


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