FO: Thunderstruck socks

Well, I did not expected to have these finished quite so soon… but you know how it goes with self-striping yarns. “Just one more stripe” really adds up – even on giant man socks

To recap, the main yarn is KnitPicks Felici, in the Thunderstruck colourway. I have no idea how those colours equate to the name. But they are colourful and fun at least.

My camera is still having difficulties capturing the difference between the two lighter oranges.

I finally got it on that close up, but it took some tweaking. It’s still much MORE noticeable in real life. For cuff, heel and toe, I used some leftover Alley Cat in “Sea Spray”. It was left from Rowan’s Christmas hoodie. It’s not perfect match for the blues, but I think it works none-the-less.

This pair is for my brother for his birthday… which you may recall is in December. So these will live in the gift box for a good long while. Nothing wrong with being ready, though!

8 thoughts on “FO: Thunderstruck socks

  1. That was really fast! I have a pair on the needles that I worked on while waiting my 15 minutes after vaccination. At home I’m crocheting the baby blanket, hoping to finish before I leave and can put it with the others in the dresser that will come later in the POD we’re renting.
    There is nothing wrong with preparing. That’s what I’m trying to do this year too.


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