Knit picky

FIrst, thank-you for all the lovely comments about our new home. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are looking foward to it.

Now to the crafts!

I have a bad habit of breaking sock needles (Mostly from sitting/stepping on them). I really prefer the Knit Picks wooden needles for their great points. It wasn’t too bad when I could just pop over to Lens and pick up a new set whenever I broke too many.

Unfortunately, with our COVID numbers still through the roof, all our non-essential stores are curbside pick up only. And calling and ordering, then driving over to pick them up… it’s just too much effort for me!

So I decided to do a Knit Picks order. Can you see where this is going?????

Yes… I ordered more yarn.

Not a lot. Just enough to get me free shipping. They only had a few colours of Felici left – and though they were on clearance, none tickled my fancy.

So I decided to give their Stroll a try. I’ve seen many of you knit with it, and haven’t heard any complaints. The leftmost one is Yeti – light and dark grey with a touch of aqua… which I thought would be nice for man socks. The next is Koi Pond, which several of you have used, and I’ve always admired. Next is Gumball – a fun rainbow skein to make up for the Rainbow Felici that got lost. Last is another skein of Static, in the Seascape colourway. Probably destined for more man socks at some point.

Now, this yarn was ordered BEFORE we put the offer in on the house, so this will definitely be my last yarn purchase for a good long while. It’s not like I’m going to run out of yarn – I still have a whole bucket to dye up!

10 thoughts on “Knit picky

  1. Araignee

    Beautiful! I think I still have my Koi Pond in my stash. It’s one of those skeins that is almost too pretty to wind up. Daughter usually gives me a Knit Picks gift certificate for Mother’s Day but she didn’t this year so she could ask me if I still wanted one. I said no because I already have so much sock yarn right now but you are making me rethink it. Just getting a box from Knit Picks like that really makes your day.


  2. Beautiful, beautiful yarn. I also checked out the Felici that was on sale and didn’t order any. I used Knit Picks dpn’s for years before I got my Zings and I still do use them on occasion. They’re great needles. I really like knitting with the stroll and static yarns too.
    As I said last night, you are going to have SO much fun fixiing up your new home. I just wish it wasn’t so far from your Mom. Speaking as a Mom, that will be hard for her too.


  3. Love your new yarns. As much as I like ordering yarn, I like yarn stores even more. Knit Circus here in Madison finally reopened and I was there on day one!
    Congratulations on your new house! I am a bit frustrated with our new house because I have tendonitis, so I can’t continue the unpacking and organizing. Our kitchen is more dated than yours, and I look forward to remodeling it someday. But there is nothing wrong with it, and the appliances are all updates and chrome!


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