Sew on!

I said that curtains for the studio would be the first thing I sewed when I finally got a chance to play with my machine again. And I am a woman of my word.

Because of the move, and ongoing renovations, money is VERY tight. As such, there’s nothing extra to buy fabric for curtains, as much as I’m tempted to (even cheap ones from Wal-Mart or Giant Tiger). That meant cracking into the stash for something.

Because of the size of the window (this house has VERY large windows compared to the townhouse), it meant raiding the bin that I have set aside for quilt backs. I ended up going with this yellow/gold fabric. If it looks familiar, it was a clearance bin find and it’s shown up in bits and pieces in quite a few of my quilts. (Most recently the chicken quilt).

It didn’t take long – as much as I love making quilts, I’m not really a fan of sewing other things, so I kept it simple. Just a couple of rectangles with a rod pocket at the top.

Here’s a little before and after

They make the area look quite quaint and cozy. In retrospect, I should have made them a few inches longer, to make tying them back a little easier, but they will do for now. When this room eventually gets redone, I’ll probably want different curtains anyway.

Here’s a closer look at the tie-backs.

Just some nice crocheted lace trim from the stash. I had just enough for the task. They are just pinned to the wall with a thumbtack (don’t tell Dave!) but I think they work quite nicely!

10 thoughts on “Sew on!

  1. Araignee

    They look great! I also think it’s funny how I will sit and fiddle with a complicated quilt block for hours but grow impatient if I can’t whip up curtains or such in minutes. I am a big fan of Ikea curtains but they always need hemming and I HATE doing it. I have been known to just cut them off and let them unravel on the floor.


  2. Nice job. Thrift shops often have curtains at good prices (half-price day makes them even more inexpensive) I found some nice curtains for my sewing room and kitchen for $3 a panel. Sheets also make great curtains.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    The new curtains in the studio are wonderful. The color works well and they give a cozy look to the room. The advantage of the room not being renovated/updated is that you can put all the hole in the walls that you want to without feeling bad. (Besides, you are now an accomplished mudder.)


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