Meeting Mr. Toad

It will be no surprise to any of you that Burton is LOVING the catio. He loves the ability to go in and out as he pleases – and go out without a harness and leash. HE spends a good amount of the day out there (as long as it’s not too hot). But he especially loves going out after dinner, as the bugs seem to be more plentiful then. He LOVES chasing bugs.

But the other night, something new wandered into the catio.

He was small (about the size of a loonie), and very well camoflauged, as you can see. But as soon as he hopped, he was on Burton’s radar.

I had a hard time getting pictures of him. I kept losing him in the grass in and around the catio. Every time he hopped in, Burton had a blast following him about and investigating with a curious paw. You can see a little video here.

Eventually, Mr. Toad hopped onto the pavement of the back driveway, out of Burton’s reach.

But it allowed me to get some better pictures.

We never saw ANY toads at the townhouse. I’m so happy Burton got to have this experience! I hope there are many more! (Now I have go dig out my toad house and find a good spot for it in the catio.)

10 thoughts on “Meeting Mr. Toad

  1. I love this. We have a toad that is living under some cherry tomato plants by our house. We have a curious dog, Ginger, who likes to explore our toad. I hope you have a blesssed day.


  2. How fun for Burton! I’m glad the cats are all getting to experience the outdoors. Our cat George loved to just lay on our deck and watch the activity. Sometimes he would explore the perimeter of the fence but never tried to leave the yard.


  3. I’m so happy for Burton–I have a toad that lives in the garage by the cat food dish we keep there-I don’t know if he eats some of the food or just the bugs the food attracts! Great photos of Mr Toad!


  4. Araignee

    One of our kitties has a thing for frogs and toads. I haven’t seen any in a while so I am sad to say she might have done them all in. My indoor kitty sits by the door to catch salamanders that sneak in and I am also sad to say she is very good at it too.


  5. Oh we get teeny tiny froggies or tree toads here. They jump on the screens to the porch. The cats are enchanted and want to hunt them . I tried to catch a toad this summer for them, but it peed on me as soon as I picked it up . I had g1oves on , but ewwwww


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