How my garden grows

In addition to catching up on bills, I’ve also got to catch up on my Spring Brook Blossom QAL. Because of the move, I wasn’t able to do July’s blooms.

But after getting my sewing room curtains out of the way, I decided to catch up.

Two more happy blooms. This one gave me a chance to practice making quarter square triangles (those little hourglass shapes in the centre). I still need more practice, but most of them turned out ok.

Here they are with the others I’ve made so far. It’s turning into quite a cheerful little garden.

August’s block came out on Monday, and I haven’t had a chance to make it yet – so I’m behind once again. But at least it’s not a whole month behind any more! I’ll try and get it done this weekend.

9 thoughts on “How my garden grows

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I love the way your garden grows! Those are just the most beautiful flower blocks. Such pretty colors and fabrics. What an awesome quilt that is going to be and how cheerful in the depth of winter.


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