Toilet humor

Here we are, mid-September. It’s time to start getting serious about the big C-word. It’s only three months away. So other than the Blossom quilt, the only sewing you’ll see here for a bit will be gift sewing.

You may remember that my brother and I like to exchange silly gifts that speak to our twisted sense of humor. Back in June, I showed a panel and coordinating fabrics that I bought to make him a special quilt. It was time to get working on it.

Though I recently said that I like to fly by the seat of my pants when quilting, because of the panel, this one really needed a plan.

It took a few tries, but I finally settled on something I liked. It meant cutting the panel apart, but that was ok. I started cutting and got everything prepped and ready to go.

This one will be a lap quilt, so it didn’t take terribly long. I even had time to put together some quarter square triangles (I’m getting better at them!)

And assemble them into the centre of the quilt top.

Now I have a pile of friendship stars to make, so things will slow down considerably. Still, I’m off to a great start!

9 thoughts on “Toilet humor

  1. I agree you are off to a great start! I will tell you, my cousin in Oswego, NY, collects vintage outhouses and has them throughout his vast back yard with flowers and accessories set up by them–it is an amazing sight! Your brother would love to see it! lol


  2. Shirley Elliott

    You are definitely off to a good start! And you have your design complete. Those friendship stars will come together quickly when you get more sewing time. That is going to be a great gift!


  3. you have gotten so much done since I went MIA. I love your quilt tops, planned and ready for quilting! The nautical stars was a great design save. And of course the kitties are still as adorable as ever!!! Good luck with the continued house redo.


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