Down the crapper

The other day, I received the last fabric purchase I’ll be making for a very long time. It was both exciting, and a little bit sad.

I really shouldn’t have ordered it at all, but MSQ came out with something so amazing, I just had to have it. As you know, I like to make/give my brother rather special birthday/Christmas gifts.

We have the same, twisted sense of humour, so it’s always fun coming up with something that will make him laugh. When I saw this panel, I knew it was just the thing.

Yep those are outhouses!

I ordered a yard of two other fabrics (bottom two), from the same line, as well as a nice brown “blender” fabric (top left) to make some blocks to surround the panel. The darker newsprint fabric (top right) is a 108″ backing fabric.

Althought I wasn’t planning on making him another quilt so soon (he got the flannel one for his birthday last year), I just couldn’t resist making him the “crappiest” birthday present ever*!

Of course, I won’t be able to start this any time soon… so much to do, so little time.

Oh… and you may have noticed something else in the top of that box.

These fun beach prints came along for the ride, because I have a fabulous beach-themed quilt planned… when I have more time, of course!

*Word has it that he is making me an outhouse-shaped bird feeder… so great minds think alike!!!

11 thoughts on “Down the crapper

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is going to be a wonderful novelty quilt/gift for your brother. I noticed right away that the top bundle of fabric was of a totally different theme. Will be interesting to see those two projects come together. I am impressed that you can even think about your crafting projects. I would be totally overwhelmed with moving and all that is involved.


  2. Well, I couldn’t wait to read this post. You certainly peaked my interest. I love a good family joke.It is what makes ours unique! This quilt is going to be so fun and fun for all of us to see


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  4. That’s quite a fantastic fabric print! I also absolutely love the dong-patterned quilt + pillow you made for your brother. He’s lucky to have such a crafty, clever sibling! You’re incredibly skilled. Thanks for sharing.


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