Sock stitches

I got the shawl off the needles (FO post coming), so I’ve turned my attention back to my Oyster socks.

I’m still on the cuff, but I’m making these as a shortie pair so it shouldn’t take too long.

I’m eager to get them off the needles. October is almost here, and I really need to get focused on my gift knitting!

10 thoughts on “Sock stitches

  1. Between your moves I am surprised you can even think Gift knitting. GOod for you.
    I have may second pair of Christmas socks to finish .> Sock number one can be done today! Its is very chi11y Va1 in the nights and mornings, but warm by noon.
    Trying to padd1e as much as we can as the water temps are dropping fast.


  2. Araignee

    Gift knitting is giving me anxiety this year. I usually gift socks and soap but this year thanks to the remodel chaos I’ve got neither. Well….not enough for everyone anyway. Oh, well….there is always next year.


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