FO & Pattern release: Cameron

The last of the Christmas mitts is done!

I know, it’s not very exciting compared to the other ones. But this pair is for Paisley’s boyfriend, Cameron.

He’s been around for a couple of years now. I’ve only met him once, but by all accounts, he’s a very nice young man. But I don’t know him very well so I decided to play it safe, and simple.

The yarn is some leftover brown Barn Cat I had kicking around (colour is Milk Chocolate). Last year I made him a brown, ribbed hat, so this pair will go nicely with that.

And, as the title suggests… it’s my pattern. I couldn’t find anything that was tickling my fancy, so I decided to just write my own.

It’s a VERY simple mitt pattern with a major plus – these mitts will fit pretty much any size hand. That’s my tiny little hand in the picture, but Dave has giant man hands and they fit him just as well. It’s all in the magic of ribbing.

So the pattern is available now (it’s free!).

Enjoy and have a wonderful Monday!

10 thoughts on “FO & Pattern release: Cameron

  1. Elizabeth

    Yay!! A simple, elegant pattern for fingerless mitts that will fit a range of sizes– perfect for surprise gifts or when the recipient is not available to measure. Thank you ever so much for sharing the pattern. I have some yarn and plan to start this evening…


  2. Michelle Cooper

    Thank you for the freebie pattern. Perfect for all sizes, and easy to shorten the finished length for my short hands. Take care and stay safe, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand


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