An afternoon down the toilet

My goal is to get both my real brother, and my new brother’s quilt tops done by the end of November. Then I can zip to Mom’s for a weekend, and get them both quilted in time for Christmas.

With that in mind, I’ve kept my attention on my brother’s outhouse quilt. It’s the smaller of the two, and I’d already made good progress on the friendship stars.

I just needed to add a plain solid border around the centre, then a border of all those stars. The plain solid border went on easy peasy… and why wouldn’t it?

But then I got to that star border…

And once again, I’ve learned that apparently I suck at math…

Oh, my stars were the right size… but I just didn’t calculate properly and make enough of them. There should be a row of stars up either side of the centre too! But to do that, I need 28 stars, not the 20 I made! Gah!

I have enough of the toilet paper, and newsprint fabrics (which is good, because both are out of stock almost everywhere), but I don’t have enough of the brown.

Burton wants to tell you that there’s no need to worry though. We did an emergency order from Missouri Star Quilts and there’s more on the way. Happily, they have very quick shipping to Canada, so I should have it in a week or so. And in the mean time, I can focus on new brother’s quilt.

10 thoughts on “An afternoon down the toilet

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Love what you have completed on your brother’s quilt. Yay for more brown fabric. I do a lot of improvising because of math miscalculations.


  2. At least you can move on with an intended project, even if it isn’t this one.

    The “toilet” quilt is going to be very pretty. It’s obvious that Burton approves.


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