FO: Out of this world

You’ve probably forgotten about this one…. it’s been a while since I finished the top.

When I took it to Mom’s to quilt it back in September, I didn’t bring enough fabric for binding. Normally Mom sews the binding on for me (then I sew it to the back by hand). I can do it, but I don’t like to. But without enough fabric, I had to bring it home and do it myself. And because I don’t enjoy it, I put it off.

But, I finally got around to it, and now it’s done!

I just adore this panel and these fabrics. They are just so fun! And happily, I have enough leftover for at least one more baby quilt.

For the back, I had a nice big piece of this space print. It’s not flannel, which is my preference for baby quilts, but it was just too good not to use!

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