FO: Purrfectly pink

Unless you’ve been nosing around the Bearbottom Facebook page, you won’t be familiar with this one.

I whipped the top up before heading off to Mom’s the other weekend so she’d have one more “girl” quilt for her friend to choose from.

The fabrics were leftover 10″ squares from a quilt I made Rowan a few years back. It’s a simple design with very big stars, but I just love it!

A piece of white leopard print finished it up, and Mom supplied a little dotty print to bind it all with. That’s what I call a purrfect finish! It’s available in the shop now!

7 thoughts on “FO: Purrfectly pink

  1. Araignee

    How sweet! I went looking for a pink charm collection for a baby girl quilt the other day and was disappointed in what I found. Daughter’s best friend is expecting a girl in March and I thought I would whip her up something outrageously girly but I’ll have to keep looking since nothing struck my fancy.


  2. Such wonderful finishes!! You are on a roll. And Relic and the chair, LOL, reminds me of the fight I used to have with iNDy and our recliner. He usually ended up on the leg rest at my feet, but he tried to claim the seat.


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