More Christmas…

You saw the inside yesterday, now for the outside.

I was in need of a new Christmas wreath, but I just wasn’t loving the ones I was seeing in the stores (or there prices). So the night I got my Christmas tree, I also hit the dollar store and bought a pile of Christmas flotsam.

A little time and some strategic hot glueing later…

And it was hanging on my front door.

But I couldn’t let it hang there alone. It needed some garland and string lights to keep it company.

And a few strategically placed ornaments.

Now we just need a little snow for some extra sparkle

7 thoughts on “More Christmas…

  1. Araignee

    It’s beautiful! I miss our old house which was a cute little cottage that I used to love to decorate. This house to too high for us to get to safely anymore so it’s all window dressing I’m afraid. I do love decorating my door wreath with the seasons. I just switched it over to winter which is always my favorite. We also need some snow but it doesn’t look good. It’s still strangely very fall like down here. The fall leaves are still beautiful but it’s just weird listening to Christmas music and seeing the orange and the gold through the window.


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