Walkabout Wednesday

Once again, I’m cheating on Walkabout Wednesday. I haven’t had time for much more than my regular walks to the post office, and there just hasn’t been much interesting happening along my regular route.

So once again, you’re getting a view of the walk by my house…

You see, on Saturday, the weather got up to a balmy 11C/51F, so I decided to take advantage while I could and get my porch decorated for the season.

I know… I’ve said several times, I don’t like to decorate before Dec 1… but the weather really was too good. Plus, this coming weekend is set to be a busy one.

I changed a couple things up this year, but it’s still pretty similar to last year.

As with last year, it’s a base of pine garland, white lights and icicle lights. But last year, where I embellished with gold and green balls, I switched it up for red and silver.

The biggest change, of course, is that I have my planters on the porch now.

I took out the dying mums, and filled them with fresh greens and willow twigs, which was purchased from a local nursery. I had a few silk poinsettias from old decorations at the townhouse, so I added a few of them in for a nice pop of red. And as pretty as it is during the day…

I think it really shines at night!

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