The continuing adventures of Lord Burton Bearbottom

I’m happy to report that everyone’s favourite fluffbutt…

… has been very good with the Christmas tree. In fact, after his first day, he hasn’t bothered with it at all!

However, we have had a couple other recent “adventures”…

The other week, I was coming down the stairs, taking a wee break from work, when I passed Burton who was headed up in a very determined manner. As he ran by me, I noticed he was carrying something. At first, I though it was one of his toys (he likes to bring toys to play fetch while I work), but then my brain registered that I saw dark feathers hanging out of his mouth. None of his toys have dark feathers!!!!

I ran back up the stairs after him…. and yeah… you guessed it.

Burton caught his very first bird!!!! We built the catio partly to keep the cats safe, but also to keep the birds safe from the cats, as well. But that doesn’t work when the birds fly right into the CAGE OF DOOM!!!!

I am very torn between being proud of my babyfluff’s first successful hunt, and sad for the bird. Hopefully word gets around and the rest of the birds have learned a lesson.

“Adventure” number 2 took place on the day I was hanging the Christmas decorations out front. The day was relatively warm (9C/48F). The cats were out back in the catio enjoying the sun, and I was going in and out the front door.

I came in to grab a pair of pliers, and when I came back, the door was swinging open. It didn’t latch when I came and the wind pulled it open. I didn’t think too much of it, because as I said, the cats were out back in the catio… or so I thought.

I finished my decorating and went out back to check on them as I do periodically. But only Rupert was there!

I came in and checked the house… no sign of Burton or Relic. I tried not to panic. I grabbed the treat container and shook it. Relic quickly emerged from whatever dark corner he’d been napping in.. but still no Burton.

So I took the container outside and began shaking it and calling his name. As I got to the one side of the house, I saw movement behind the overgrown holly bush. I looked closer… there was the fluffy jerk! But he wasn’t alone. One of the neighborhood cats (a fluffy tuxie) was there too. Burton, the big bully, had the poor tuxie backed up against the house. As soon as tuxie saw me, he went running (I’ve tried to make friends before, he’s very skittish). And Burton went running after him!!!!!

I went running after the pair of them, shaking the treat container hoping to distract Burton before they got too far.

Happily, it worked, and Burton stopped a couple houses down and waited for me to catch up and carry him home. (Tuxie just kept running!).

Hopefully that’s the LAST of his adventures for a while!

11 thoughts on “The continuing adventures of Lord Burton Bearbottom

  1. Patty Andrews

    Yep, I hope the word gets out to bird world! Once upon a time, my TomTom was an inside/outside cat. He would bring me mice, birds and even squirrels! Last winter he never came home. Seven weeks later he returned but he was a bag of bones. He was at the animal hospital for a few days. No more adventures for my guy! I know that panic you felt. I’m glad Burton stopped when he did. I tell my cats they are going to be the death of me!!!


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