All wrapped up with a bow

As I noted yesterday, it was a pretty quiet holiday for us. This was by design. First, because COVID. Like many other places, our province is just exploding with new cases due to Omicron. While we are all vaccinated, and Omicron appears to be milder, both Dave and I have vulnerable family members we prefer to protect as much as we can. The second reason is because we now live two or more hours from the people we normally spend Christmas with… it takes a lot more planning on logistics to get together.

Christmas Eve:

This is the day we’d normally spend with Dave’s Grandma and Mom, but we stayed home. Well actually… we ran out and got our COVID booster, and then stayed home. Last week, our government finally got on the booster train (previously, you had to be old or a healthcare worker to get it) and opened it up to every one over 18. Only there weren’t any doses or appointments anywhere around us. The closest I could book was in London (an hour away),and I couldn’t get anything until January 17th. But I signed up for every wait list/pharmacy/clinic I could and hoped something came up sooner. On the afternoon of the 23rd, I got a text for Walmart in Sarnia (40 minutes away). I could get us appointments for Christmas Eve morning. I weighed the benefit of getting the booster right away against braving Walmart on Christmas Eve… and decided the booster was worth the hassle.

It actually wasn’t too bad, and because the shots were by appointment, there wasn’t a lot of waiting at the pharmacy. When we left however (just before noon), the line of cars to get into the parking lot was astounding! Looks like we timed it just right.

The rest of the evening was quiet as we waited for side effects to kick in.

Christmas day:

Christmas morning dawned grey and rainy. No white Christmas for us this year. We opened our gifts. Dave loved his socks, and he gave me one stunner of a ring:

The picture does NOT do it justice. Opals, two different shades of Blue Topaz (London and Swiss blue), and white sapphires. You should see it sparkle!

The rest of the was a nice slow pace, and absolutely full of food!

Even though it was just the two of us, I cooked my very first turkey. This year, my grocery store offered frozen butter-infused turkey “crowns”. Basically a whole turkey, minus the legs and wings. It was perfect for us because a whole turkey is too much for us, and neither of us really like dark meat much anyway. This was still more than we needed, so it will be turkey sandwiches for a few days, and I even have enough bones to make Dave some turkey soup!

Boxing day:

Both of us we’re quite pleased that the booster didn’t give us much more than a sore arm, so while Dave puttered about inside the house, I headed outside. The day was sunny and somewhat warm (approx 8C). I took advantage of it to organize the shed. When finally Dave got the doors on it, it was too chilly out there for me, so I’ve been waiting for a decent day to get out there and clean it all up. It didn’t take too long, and now all my pots and tools are organized nicely and ready for spring!

December 27th:

Finally, Christmas! We were up bright and early to tackle the long drive to Dave’s Grandma’s house. Te weather wasn’t great, so we took our time and got there a little after 10 am. Presents were exchanged… Grandma loved her hat and shawl/scarf.

After a couple hours, we hit the road and headed to Mom and Dad’s (about an hour from Grandma’s). The weather improved slightly, but the traffic was heavier.

Pets were loved (you know I’m not getting in that house without given Jem my full attention first), and presents were exchanged. Dad loved his Labrador quilt, but he said I’m not allowed to put the picture I took of him under it on the internet though, so you’ll just have to your imagination.

Mom and Dad gave us and air fryer/toaster oven combo and I am VERY excited. I’ve wanted an air fryer for a while now, and Dave’s been going on about getting as toaster oven forever. To have it in a combo is just amazing. I can’t wait to try it out.

But there was also a gnome wall hanging kit, sock yarn, and a new ornament for my tree!

It was a long day, but it was a good day. And that’s another Christmas under the belt. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a fresh, shiny new year!

10 thoughts on “All wrapped up with a bow

  1. jatshaw

    Glad to hear that you got your booster! All we had was sore arms, too, kinda like after a flu shot.
    BTW, I love your Glinda pattern after making a pair for our daughter. Am also on gnome #6 from the kit I got from you ages ago. They are so fun to make. Oh, I do love your new ring; it’s beautiful! That gnome quilt looks intriguing; it seems like gnomes are everywhere this year. Happy 2022! Stay well!


  2. Glad you and Dave could get your booster shots. What a GORGEOUS ring Dave gave you – it is a stunner! Your food looks and sounds wonderful and I love the picture of Dave’s Grandma with the hat and shawl/scarf – they look great on her. I, too, am ready for a shiny new year!


  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas weekend. That new ring is so pretty. Dave has great taste. 🙂 His Grandma looks happy with her gifts too. New yarn for Christmas. Yay! I actually ordered some sock yarn yesterday on Etsy so I could make myself some Christmas socks for next year. I’ve never had any so I thought it would be a nice treat for myself. Love your ornament…it’s perfect for you.
    I’m so glad you have your boosters and don’t have to wait an entire month.Dennis just had the sore arm, but I didn’t feel well for about 24 hours or so.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    It sounds like a wonderful Christmas celebrated over several days. That is a beautiful sparkly ring. It just sparkles. Love the photo of Dave’s Grandmother with her dog curled up under her feet. The hat and shawl are such beautiful colors. Yay for getting your booster shot. I got my booster at Walmart also and was pleasantly surprised that it was very efficient. The only waiting was for the 15 minutes after the shot. Of course, I had a book so no problem.


  5. Araignee

    That ring is gorgeous! Grandma looks so cozy in her new knitwear. Is that a Sheltie under her feet? It looks just like my dear departed Duffy who was and will always be The Best Dog Ever.


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