FO: Emergency sock

The very same day that neighbour Krists heroically rescued my mis-delivered yarn package, she went out to groom some parrots, stepped of a stool badly, and broke a few bones.

On her left foot, she broke on of her toes. Which while painful, is manageable. But on her right foot… she fractured one of the long bones that run up to the ankle. It’s going to take a lot longer to heel, and she may need surgery.

She reached out to me with a plea. “Can you make me a sock big enough to go over my cast? My toes are freezing!!!”

After she swooped in to help me out with my parcel, how could I possibly say no.

She gave me some measurements, and I got knitting.

The yarn is ICE yarns Glamor Sock. Mom bought it a few years back for her sock machine. But she didn’t realize it was sport weight. As it was too heavy for the machine, she gave it to me. I though it would be idea for this project. I made the socks to the measurements Krista gave me… but it still looks HUGE to me. I won’t get down to deliver it until the weekend, so I’m going to try to knit a smaller back-up sock, just in case. This one only took me a few evenings, so I should be able to get one done in time.

10 thoughts on “FO: Emergency sock

  1. Oh no! Poor Krista! That just plain sounds like it hurts to me. I hope it heals well with no complications and that NO surgery will be needed. Your sock is bound to brighten her day. It’s so cheerful and happy. It looks about the right size for a cast to me. It’s surprising how big those things are. How wonderful that she knew she could ask you for one. It’s obvious you both know that you’ll be there for the other one.
    Blessings and hugs,


  2. Va1, that is so nice of you. I am terrified of the ice out there. The gas meter man just came to change out our unit. IT is near1y zero out. I have made a big sock and a big mitten. For friends with injuries. The extra mitten is a decoration in winter now, as it was not the right size. 🙂


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Poor Krista! Hope she will be able to avoid surgery and recover quickly. I like the colors of the yarn you used for the sock. I don’t think it will be too large to fit over a cast. Great friend to the rescue.


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