Somewhere over the rainbow… pegacorns fly…

With all the blocks of the Pegacorn quilt ready, it was time to assemble it into a top.

As usual, Burton was right at the centre of things, overseeing the process.

We both agreed that these stars needed more than simple sashing so I dug into the stash and found some grey and yellow fabrics to make cornerstone stars

Burton approved, so I got down to the business of sewing it all together. Being a baby quilt, it didn’t take long.

Apparently it was too long for Burton though. When it was time for a finished shot, he was nowhere to be found. Rupert kindly agreed to step in and show it off properly.

I think this one is so fun and sweet with its cheerful colours, and adorable little pegacorns.

I even managed to find them in flannel for the back, and I have more of the mottled blue from the border for binding.

I’m hoping to get to Mom’s for a quilting weekend on the 5th. But it’s weather dependent. There’s a lot of road between here and there, and some of it is really nasty when the weather turns. Too bad I don’t have a pegacorn of my own, I’d just fly there.

5 thoughts on “Somewhere over the rainbow… pegacorns fly…

  1. Shirley Elliott

    That is such a beautiful quilt!!! The star cornerstones add so much to the appearance. They are so simple and just enhance the design. What a wonderful quilt that will be.


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