Staying inside

Not much has changed in the garden. Temps took a dive mid-week and now they are forecasting snow for the weekend. I’m staying firmly indoors, but that’s doesn’t mean things aren’t blooming!

Do you remember my Firecracker plant?

Well last summer, around the time we moved, it died back for some reason. I’ve been nursing it back to health ever since. And while it’s not as bushy as it once was, it is flowering again

Another plant I’ve been nursing is my Easter Cactus. It’s like a Christmas Cactus, but wit slightly different leaves and flowers. I’ve had it a few years, but this year, something happened and I almost lost it.

About two months ago, I gave it a slightly sunnier spot, and now it’s blooming – in time for Easter too!

And apparently one of my Christmas cacti wanted to get in on the spring celebration too…

There’s just one flower on the whole plant, but hey – I’ll take it. (And here you can see the differences between the Easter and Christmas Cactus)


One of my spider plants is making babies! I have always loved the little white flowers that precede the new plants.

I picked up this little cream mini rose at the grocery store one day

I’m debating whether this will end up in the garden or not. I guess it will depend on how well the ones already out there come back.

I don;t think I ever showed you this poinsettia I bought at Christmas time.

It was at the grocery store, and was rather sad looking. It had been marked down so I bought it because a) it was cheap and b) I just loved the splattered effect on the flowers.

It’s still a little sad looking all these months later, but it has new growth. I’m hoping I can get it up to full strength by Christmas!

The discounted orchid I bought last month is doing quite nicely. There are still buds to open so I expect flowers on this for a while to come.

And that yellow one STILL has flowers

A few have dropped off – but there’s still three, which makes me happy to no end!

Also making me happy

Two MORE orchids that followed me home from the grocery store this week. I had a little extra money in my pocket, and I just couldn’t decide which coloured I liked best! They now have a home on my vintage radio and Dave hasn’t noticed them yet (or if he has, he hasn’t said anything).

I don’t mind staying inside so much when I have these petaled friends around.

9 thoughts on “Staying inside

  1. Your flowers are so pretty. The two new orchids are certainly pretty colors. I bought a new one this week too. At $9.99 from the grocery store, I couldn’t resist.


  2. Look at you, with blossoms all over the place!
    We are experiencing snow at this time; big, fluffy flakes that hopefully will melt away this afternoon, but obviously, old man Winter won today’s fight with Spring!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    You certainly do have some beautiful, cheerful plants. Those blooms would brighten any dreary day. The weather roller coaster continues here in NC. After some really warm days and moderate nights, we have several days in the 50s and nights in the 20s.


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