Easter Antiquing

Easter Sunday, I didn’t sleep in, but got up early, and piled Dave into the truck and headed out. We had a destination!

When I’d bought the rattan lounger, the lady I bought it from told me about Brickyard Antiques. In addition to the store front in Petrolia, she also has a booth in this place. It was only half an hour from our house, so I thought it would be a fun Easter Sunday outing.

And boy was it.

The place was even bigger than it looked from the outside, with booth after booth of weird and wonderful stuff. There were all the usual knick knacks and glassware and things you find at places like this but also…

Random signs… who decided to hang on to something like that?

Then there were some original works of art…

…Bob Ross a la Lucasfilm? I’m not really sure.

And they really do have a Barbie Doll for everything

Not just Campbell’s soup… but Alphabet Soup specifically. I wonder if there’s a Chicken Noodle version?

What really caught my eye were these two items:

My Grandfather had a Texaco gas station for many, many years, so Dad and I are always on the look-out for Texaco memorabilia. We usually find signs and old cans/boxes. These two pieces were pretty exciting. Sadly, at $240 for the truck, and $120 for the hat, they were out of my budget so they are still at the market.

I did find a nice little reproduction sign which he doesn’t have in his collection already. It was in the budget, so it came home with me

My real prize, however was these:

In case you’re not familiar, these are Blow-Mold Christmas decorations. I believe they were quite popular through the ’50-70s. Apparently some were made right up to 2017, though I’ve never seen any modern ones. Dad has a small collection, and he puts them out proudly every Christmas.

Like many “vintage” items, they’ve gotten pricier and pricier as the years have gone by. These three, however, were a pretty good deal so I snapped them up. I’m going to tuck them (and the sign) away until Father’s Day.

Dave didn’t come home empty handed either…

He found an old tube amp to tinker with. It doesn’t look like much to me, but he was pretty darn excited about it so it must be special somehow!

8 thoughts on “Easter Antiquing

  1. There is an antiques mall like this (smaller) next door to the hair salon where my wizard of a stylist works/owns, so I visit it every 6-8 weeks. I never know what I’ll find, and sometimes there is nothing for months on end, then BAM, I’m spending all the cash in my wallet!


  2. How fun is that? Dennis and I used to go to a shop that is very similar to that on the Oregon coast. That painting is hilarious and I agree with the sign. Who would save that?
    I’m glad you found some treasures though. I remember the candles from my childhood. How fun! I can’t believe the prices for the fire truck and hat. That’s so much! I guess some collector would pay it.


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