Biker blues

Capping off my productive weekend was the completion of the top for the motorcycle quilt.

To refresh your memory, it’s a disappearing nine patch. You make a regular nine patch and then cut it into quarters

(Burton reminds you to measure twice, cut once!) Once cut, you rotate two of the pieces, then sew the whole thing back together. And when you sew all the blocks together, you get this fabulous design.

This pattern can look so different depending on how many fabrics you use, and where you place them. Above is my favourite way – limiting it to just three fabrics, one print, one solid and once blender.

I’ve got enough of that blue blender from the small squares for binding.

And I found some great blue motorcycle flannel for the back! Now that this is in the to-quilt pile, I’m going to turn my attention to getting the Leader/Ender stars into a top too!

8 thoughts on “Biker blues

  1. Dennis would love that quilt. He’s talking again about getting a motorcycle after I showed him Dave’s and another friend who posted online that he just bought one. His is much newer than Dave’s but still a 2007 with only 12,000 miles. Not bad at all.
    Enjoy quilting that beautiful quilt.


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