Sockabout Wednesday

No Walkabout today – Work has been crazy busy to start with, and it’s been so hot and humid, it takes away all motivation to go outside during the day.

So… today I give you socks…

Or one sock, anyway. The first of the pair for my coworkers Godmother is complete. I finished it up Monday night. I’m very pleased with that, considering I started it mid-week last week, and didn’t work on it steadily.

The second one was cast on last night, so hopefully I can keep the momentum up and have this pair in the mail by then end of next week.

As I mentioned previously, l let coworker choose the yarn. She chose some of the new-to-me Hobbii Dolce that I bought earlier this year. This is my first time knitting with it. It feels quite soft in the ball, but it’s a little more scratchy worked up. Not terrible. I’d say softer than Kroy, but not as soft as Felici. Being a little more on the rough side, they will probably wear pretty well.

I love the soft gradient of the shades, and the little dots add a touch of whimsy. Hopefully they lift the spirits of the recipient.

9 thoughts on “Sockabout Wednesday

  1. That is such a nice sock. The color is beautiful and I know the recipient will love them. Those little specks of color make it pop!
    It’s been awfully hot here too. I haven’t gone outside for any length of time for weeks. I’m looking forward to our time in Spokane when we can be outside, even if it’s hot because the humidity will be so much lower.
    Take care and have fun knitting.


  2. That really is a very pretty sock. Love that shade of blue. I agree that it has been too hot to get out much. And, of course, my work too continues to be crazy busy.


  3. That’s a very pretty sock.

    I used to like the really, REALLY soft yarns, but my tastes are leaning more towards the heartier yarns these days.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    That is a really beautiful sock! The color is just wonderful. Sure the recipient will really enjoy and appreciate the gift.


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