Spicing up life!

It’s Thanksgiving Day here today in Canada. I’ve got my turkey ready to go. It’s just Dave and I this year, so we are going to be eating A LOT of turkey for a few days, but I’m looking forward to it. Not least of all because I’ve got some new casserole dishes to try out…

Well… new to me.

Not long after I moved out on my own years ago, Dave’s mom gave me a small “Spice of Life” Corningware casserole dish she had kicking around. It was missing a lid, but it was the perfect size for making small dishes for one or two. I loved it so much, I asked Mom to keep her eye out for more as her and Dad were antiquing. She found me another, medium sized one with the lid.

Sadly, I broke the lid (note: Hot lid, cold water… not friends!), but I use these two dishes several times a week.

Yesterday, after running a couple of errands first thing, Dave decided he didn’t want to head home yet, he wanted to go antiquing. I wasn’t really in the mood, but I’m so glad he persisted….

Not one, not two, but THREE large-size casseroles – WITH THE LIDS!!! If you look online, some of these go for more than $100 a piece! Happily, I got each of these for $25. And then I found these…

They are little single-serving size. They have a little handle on the side and lids for each. I didn’t even know they made these! But they were so cute, and at only $7 a piece, hard to say no!

Now I better get in that kitchen. Lord Burton is ready for pie!

14 thoughts on “Spicing up life!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! I was just thinking I need to buy a turkey (we will have Thanksgiving in November at Mailing’s parents’ home). I have the same Corningware casserole dishes (with lids!!). I’ve never seen the single serving ones – very cool.


  2. That’s a really good deal on those! My mom had been going through my grandmothers house to divide the stuff between my sister, cousin and myself and she had like 10 different dishes from that exact set and 5-6 of the blue cornflower ones. I’m taking the cornflower dishes, but we are storing the others in my moms attic for my girls. The “new” versions of those are just not the same.


  3. Patty

    Like the others commented, I received these and other pieces for wedding gifts in the 70’s!!! It’s great that younger ones are now buying them. I, too, have those single serving dishes except mine are plain white. Found them at an estate sale for $3.00 a piece. I only bought two when I should have bought the set. Glad you changed your mind about antiqueing, you never know what you will find!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy all your little dishes. They are very cute.

    I only have one pyrex and it’s the original cornflower design, not a pretty decorative design.


  5. Araignee

    OMGosh…..just seeing those dishes brought a lump to my throat. My grandmother had them all. We always had Thanksgiving at her house and they were always on the table filled with good stuff. I love Corningware. I’ve taken a tour of their factory in NY twice. I just bought some more of their covered mugs which are the best things ever for heating up leftovers.
    Happy Thanksgiving! I could really eat some stuffing and pumpkin pie right now.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I loved my Corning Ware pieces: three piece casseroles, small single serving ones, too. Mine had the blue Corning Ware flowers on the sides. I even had the removable handles for both sizes. Another piece I enjoyed was the tea pot. They scratched my glass stove top, so I got rid of them. Enjoy the pieces you found: they’ll serve you well.


  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Great score on the Corning Ware. I have and still use my cornflower blue from the 70s and plain white from the 80s. At one time, I had two of those white single serve casseroles. Only one now but it is perfect for heating leftovers. Great start of your vacation.


  8. You got some great deals on that Corning Ware and I’m so happy for you. I have the little square Cornflower one that we got for our wedding 44 years ago. I still use it almost daily for one thing or another. I would like a few more but they are so expensive. Congrats on your finds.


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