It’s all Dave’s fault

No… it’s not a kitten this time. Or even a newt.

No. He pushed me right off the No-Spenduary wagon.

Because New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday, we still had Monday off. We were just supposed to go out and wash my truck (GPS took us down some dark, scary roads on the trip home from Owen Sound), and get a new juice jug (I’d stolen the other one to propagate some large house plants.)

But Dave decided he wanted to go antiquing. He picked out a place about an hour away called the One of A Kind Antique Mall, which is basically an old factory building filled with three full floors of vendors selling all manner of antiques, vintage finds and all kinds of collectibles.

I told him as we entered that there were really only a couple of things I was looking for. A “hen on nest” dish, a cow creamer (and it couldn’t be any cow creamer, it had to be one that really spoke to me), and a Blue Mountain Pottery angelfish (a very particular piece my Mom used to have that’s pretty hard to find). I didn’t really expect to get any of them, because they are all things that can generally be quite pricey. I wouldn’t pay just any price for them – they had to be reasonable.

But within 10 minutes…

I’d found my hen on nest. Though the one I had pictured in my mind was yellow carnival glass, or olive green glass – this one was just so nice looking, and price so right I had to have it. It’s also quite large. Dave asked me what I was going to keep in it, and honestly… probably nothing. But it’s going to look so darn great on Grandma’s pine buffet.

About 10 minutes later, I was handing the chicken over to Dave to hold because…

There was my cow creamer!!! Now it’s quite small as cow creamers go. But it’s a Holstein!!!!! Most cow creamers I’ve see are plain white, jerseys, or Delft blue patterned. This is the first Holstein I’ve seen. I’m partial to Holsteins – I grew up in the country surrounded by dairy farms, and most had Holsteins.

There was lots of Blue Mountain pottery, but no angelfish. And that wasn’t a big surprise. But since I don’t actually collect it,(I just want that one piece) I didn’t buy any.

So that should have been it for me.

But then….

I found two little Corningware sauce pans in my Spice of Life pattern, complete with lids. And they were so reasonably priced that it would have been silly of me to leave them there.

And any Corningware lover also probably has a thing for Pyrex. I’ve been creeping on several sets/partial sets of Pyrex bowls on Facebook Marketplace for a while. But like everything else, a lot of them are so expensive. But wouldn’t you know it…

A full set of Pyrex Cinderella bowls (the handles are also spouts for pouring) in the Woodland brown pattern – reasonably priced with another 15% off. I almost left it behind, but Dave encouraged me to get it. I mean, it does coordinate with my Spice of Life, so how could I argue?

And you would think that would be all… but then I found a booth that had QUILTING FABRIC???? THAT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!!

Most of the fabric was between $10 and $15 a yard, which is good, but not a super steal, so I was able to resist going completely crazy.

I managed to get away with just six yards of this fun cat fabric, which will be perfect for a quilt back.

Now… I’ve managed to not spend a dime out of line since then… and I’m not going to let Dave talk me into going anywhere for the rest of the month!!!

11 thoughts on “It’s all Dave’s fault

  1. Turtle Lover

    I always love seeing/hearing about your fun finds! It’s a good thing I live far away from that Antique Store because I’d want to go!!


  2. Cheryl J

    You were in my town. Did you know Lens is just around the corner? I don’t go to antique mall much. I have too much stuff now. I could start my own booth. But I usually just heft it off to the goodwill when I get in purge mode.
    Cheers Cheryl aka seajaes on ravelry


  3. What great finds Val! That creamer is so sweet and so is the chicken. I have that SAME set of cinderella bowls. We got them as a wedding gift and still have all four bowls. I use them all of the time. We have another set of three round pyrex bowls isn browns that were also a wedding set.
    I love places llike that antique mall. We used to go to a couple of them on the Oregone coast on vacation. I do miss those days. Anyway, who can blame you in getting off track spending a “bit” with bargains like that?


  4. Araignee

    What a fabulous haul!!!! That’s exactly why I do NOT go in any of the antique stores that are along the boardwalk. I just know there is stuff in there I couldn’t resist and I don’t have space for one more thing.


  5. What a wonderful way to start 2023 even if you did fall off the No-Spenduary wagon. Your purchases are wonderful – especially the fabric. That type of antique mall is popular in my area but I have never been fortunate enough to see any quilting fabric.


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